Friday, November 11, 2005

OK Xin here are some links

I kind of think the whole “Short film” thing is a bit like practising the guitar-you just have to keep churning them out to sort of keep your hand in.

OK here is a rough cut of something that I wrote and directed "on demand". Took a matter of hours to make! I didn't know it was online until today!

Here are a few from the Hwei Ling/ Haynes film stable. Damn they’re embarrassing but so easy (just improv) and such fun to make! I blame Brian for roping me into them ;-)

BTW I am NOT into Fanfilms /sci fi or fantasy! Not my cup of tea despite what you see below

Did some semi-improv in this one Total improv in this one ( I challenge Steve Ballmer to a dancing competition)

A brief cameo, some “Fight arranging” and general creative stuff (No, not the title!!!) on this one This was the Peter Jackson pick for the 48 hrs national final

Hmm looks like that Nokia Ad I was in isn’t rolling over as far as I can see so I need to get some more $ methinks…


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