Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thank you for the donations

$1373.64 so far! only $1121.16 to go!

67 *anonymous* contributors.

4 named:

Patrick Davis

Kristian Raue*/index.php/2005-12-08/fight-against-amazons-trivial-sw-patent.html

I have been very impressed by everyone's efforts over the last 24 hrs. You know who you are :-) If you're checking the maths, I managed to get in $25.20 when I sent the request to the USPTO. (any previous accounting glitches may have come from not factoring in Paypal transaction fees-hope it is sorted now-an early contributor used a credit card so I had to upgrade to a Premium account and pay the fees-sorry about that!) If anyone wants to give me a lucrative job, I could probably get it together even faster :-) (Adventurous jobs preferred!) I have set up a pledge at . It needs a few people to go there and sign up before it gets publicised. This would be an easy way to help spread the word!


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