Thursday, March 30, 2006

Correspondence from the USPTO

I received some correspondence from the USPTO regarding my request for reexamination of the Amazon One-Click patent.

It states that the filing date of the request is 16 February 2006 (the day the filing fee was received) and that a decision on the request (whether to order a reexamination) will be mailed within 3 months of the filing date of the request.

The reexamination request was assigned to Art Unit 3993. A Control Number 90/007,946 has been assigned.

If anyone wants to provide additional prior art they should do so soon as the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure states "while citations of prior art may be filed at any time during the period of enforceability of the patent, citations submitted after the date of any order to reexamine will not be entered into the patent file until the pending reexamination proceeding has been *>concluded<"!

See my earlier entry for disclaimers etc.


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